10 Fun Pool Features to Add to Your Maryland Pool


One of the best parts of building a new pool is customizing it with all of the cool features you always wanted in your own pool. From fun elements like a waterfall or diving board, to elegant additions like mood lighting, there’s no shortage of ways to customize your Maryland pool. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about some of the fun pool features you can add to your pool. If you’re brainstorming ideas for your new pool, this is a great place to start!


Check out this super fun and safe pool slide!

10 Fun Pool Features to Add to Your Maryland Pool

Built-In Features

Built-in features are those features that are a part of the form of the pool itself. This means that the feature is added when the concrete for the pool is poured. So what are some examples of built-in pool features?

  • Swim-up bars. Swim-up bars are a very popular feature and will definitely be the star of the show at any party.
  • Tanning ledges. A great addition for any pool, tanning ledges allow you to lay in the water without having to float. Get your tan on while enjoying the cool water!
  • Custom entry. Instead of steps, some pool owners prefer a gradual entry, similar to the beach at the ocean. A very distinguishing feature for any pool.
  • Spa. Many pool owners like to add a spa adjacent to the pool and let the warm water from the spa overflow into the pool, which creates a nice visual effect.

Water Features

Water features are any pool feature that moves the water in the pool, usually in an eye-catching way. Examples include:

  • Waterfalls. Waterfalls cycle water from the pool up through a passageway that leads back into the pool from above. Waterfalls are especially popular in pools that are designed to look like a natural water feature.
  • Water jets. Water jets add a spa-like element to your pool.
  • Fountains. Another great way to create an visually appealing effect.

Recreational Features

Reacreational features are those pool features that your kids will love. This includes:

  • Diving boards. A professional pool builder knows how to install a diving board that is both safe and fun!
  • Waterslides. Waterslides can be safe and fun too! Instead of a slide with steps, consider a slide that follows the descent of a naturally landscaped feature.


Pool lighting is a great way to keep the pool fun going into the evening and night. Lighting can installed both around the pool and in the pool itself. A great visual effect once the sun goes down.

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