3 Health Benefits of Having a Home Pool

Health Benefits

Improve your health by taking a dip in your home pool.

Everyone wants to get fit and be a healthier person, but either don’t have the time or the means to achieve those goals.  Although, some people just have to look to their backyard to get in better overall shape.  Your inground home pool can offer you several wellness benefits from improving mental and physical health.  So start getting the whole family healthy by having a family pool day!

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Untreated stress and anxiety can have several negative effects on your body from severe weight gain or loss to insomnia.  A great preventative measure to combat stress is to swim in your home pool.  Water, in general, is a natural stress-reliever, so floating effortlessly on water will do wonders for your mental health.  Any physical activity in the pool from swimming laps to diving releases the chemical hormone in the brain called serotonin.  The release of this hormone induces feelings of joy and peacefulness throughout your body.  The soothing sound of pool water is a perfect setting for meditation.

A Fun Way To Exercise

In addition to improving your mental health, owning a swimming pool can improve your physical health as well.  Exercising in your home pool is a safer alternative than high impact options of weight lifting or running.  Jogging or doing aerobics in your pool allows for extra resistance on your muscles while protecting your bones and joints.  Swimming or other forms of exercise in your pool provide several benefits on your body from improving your cardiovascular health to weight management/loss.

Allows for Social Interaction

A home swimming pool is a great place to invite friends and family over to spend time with them.  Social interaction and engagement can improve your well-being by decreasing your chances of dementia.  It also increases your longevity and improves your mental health in general.  So think about hosting a pool party and holiday cookout.  

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

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