3 Pool Design Trends for 2015


Designing a custom pool can seem a little overwhelming. There are just so many options!If you’re planning on building a new pool in 2015, a great source of inspiration is to seek out some of the latest pool design trends. As you brainstorm ideas for your new pool in Maryland, read through this list of the latest pool design trends for 2015! You just might find something that works perfectly for your new pool.


What are the latest pool design trends for 2015?


Pool Design Trends for 2015


A Natural Look

More and more homeowners are looking to incorporate their pool’s design into the natural look of their backyard. A custom pool can easily be designed to look like a more natural body of water. Just think, you could have a small pond in your backyard that’s always clean, clear, and ready to swim in! Popular design features for natural looking pools include a gradual entry, natural landscaping, and waterfalls.

Tanning Ledges

This pool design trend solves a problem that many pool owners have long experienced. Lots of people like to go outside and take in a little sun, and then jump in the pool when it gets too hot. But this means you’re constantly going back and forth between the deck and the pool, getting hot, cooling off, and repeating the process.

A tanning ledge allows you to have the best of both worlds. This ledge is basically a very shallow portion of the pool that you can lay in or put a reclining deck chair in. It’s deep enough that the water will splash over you and keep you cool, but shallow enough that you won’t have to do any work to stay above the water. With a tanning ledge, you can enjoy the sun and stay cool at the same time!

PebbleTec Finishes

The traditional finish for a concrete pool is plaster, but new pebble finishes are a pool design trend that are quickly becoming very popular. The finish uses a pebble aggregate that has been polished to a smooth sheen. It’s very comfortable on the feet, and comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes. PebbleTec is a brand name pebble finish that we like to use for new custom pools in Maryland.

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