3 Reasons to Include a Spa in Your Pool Design

including spa in pool design

An attached spa can make for a more interesting and appealing pool.

Listen, we don’t mean to scare you but it’s August and that means we are on the back-nine of summer, as it were. Before you know it the nights will be a little crisper and the afternoon’s a bit more tolerable. When the temperatures do finally start dropping, you’ll be looking for a nice warm place to relax. Why not make that place the patio? Too cold? Not if you have a spa. Keep reading to find out three reasons why you should include a spa in your pool design.

Pain and Stress Relief

Spas have a long record of stress relieving advantages. Warm water and massaging jets help increase blood flow, which can help relieve pain and swelling of joints and muscles. The sense of weightlessness can help reduce stress and decrease anxiety by making you feel more relaxed. A nice long soak can help you get a better night’s sleep, too, by raising your body temperature to a nice cozy level.      

Add to Your Yard’s Appeal

Spas make a great addition to your patio and yard. They give you more aspects to utilize when designing your ideal backyard, and can be incorporated in some truly unique pool designs. Since spas are attached to, or right next to, your pool you can really create something striking and fun. Plus, including a spa in your design is a great reason to include a pool heater too, which will increase your pool season.   

Spas Can Be Used All Year

Most people picture jumping in a spa while there’s leaves or snow falling from the sky (we even did it at the start of this blog), but the fact is you can enjoy the advantages of a spa all year. The water temperature in a spa maxes out at 104-degrees, but can go lower to fit the time of year and outdoor temperature.

Contact Rhine Pools for Custom Pool Design and Construction

Rhine pools has extensive experience creating custom outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living essentials. From outdoor lighting to water slides, Rhine Pools can help realize your vision of the perfect backyard. One of the secrets to the success of Rhine Pools is that we’re all inclusive. Clients deal with one project manager and receive answers and feedback from this person. There aren’t dozens of people and faces to remember.

Instead of being narrowly focused on just the pool, many of our designs also include patios, decks, shade structures, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, plantings, lighting, and more. All of these elements are incorporated into a cohesive plan that is the basis of a successful project.

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