3 Reasons to Consider Remodeling Your Maryland Pool

Maybe you bought a home with a pool that’s not really your style. Or maybe the pool you had installed a few years ago has gotten a little worn out. There are many reasons to consider remodeling your pool and now that peak summer season is over, it’s a great time to think about remodeling your pool to ensure it’s a style you love. Read on for 3 reasons why you should consider remodeling your Maryland pool this autumn.


Add interesting features like light when you remodel your Maryland pool.

3 Reasons to Consider Remodeling Your Maryland Pool


Outdoor pools are constantly subjected to the elements which can leave them looking a little worn out after a few years. The wear and tear of hot summers and freezing Maryland winters can begin to take a toll that prevents your pool from looking its best. Remodeling your pool will restore it back to its original condition, ensuring a longer life and a much more aesthetically pleasing backyard. And with a few tweaks, you can transform the entire look of your pool to create an outdoor space you love. Consider adding a PebbleTec finish to give the feeling that you’re swimming in a clear creek. Or you could choose a Diamond Brite finish, a durable material made of quartz available in a wide range of colors with a beautiful, lustrous sheen. Both PebbleTec and Diamond Brite finishes are extremely durable and will last longer than a traditional plaster finish.

Energy Efficiency

With recent leaps in energy efficient technology, older pools consume far more energy than their more recent counterparts. Upgrading your pool with equipment that is energy efficient can make your pool easier to take care of and reduce the amount of money you spend on it. Newer technology can also allow your pool to run more cleanly so if it’s been years since your pool was installed, it may be time to think about remodeling.

Make it your own

If you inherited a pool from a previous owner or simply are no longer pleased with your design, remodeling your Maryland pool can completely transform its look. Our landscape architects can work with you to update your landscape design to create a backyard that you truly love. You may want to consider enhancing your outdoor experience by adding design details such as a new pool deck, shaded areas such as a pool house, installing unique pool lighting, or including a fun feature such as a waterslide or waterfall. We can also update your existing deck with natural pavers or stone to add a more elegant aesthetic to your space.

Rhine Pools: Your Maryland Pool Remodeler

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