4 Reasons to Remodel Your Pool in Maryland


Are you thinking about making a change or two to your pool? Or maybe you want to do a complete remodel to give your pool and your backyard a totally new look? The odds are that if you can dream it, it can be done. That’s why in this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about some great reasons to remodel your pool in Maryland!


Here are 4 great reasons to remodel your pool in Maryland!

4 Reasons to Remodel your Pool in Maryland


Add New Features

One of the main reasons people remodel their pools is to add new features. There are tons of possibilities when you approach a pool remodel from this perspective. You could remodel your pool to bring it up to date with the latest trends in pool design. You could remodel it to make it more kid friendly. You could add unique water features like a waterfall, or install a swim-up bar for use during parties. There’s really no limit to what you can do! Read our blog on pool features to get more ideas.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Setup

Another great reason to remodel your pool in Maryland is to enhance your outdoor living setup. Maybe you’ve decided you want to turn your pool into more than just a pool, and make it a part of your own outdoor living setup. One great way to do this is to use landscape architecture and design, combined with new pool features, to make your pool look like a natural body of water. Of course, this is just one of many possibilities. Talk to a professional landscape architect to learn more about how to incorporate your pool into your own custom outdoor living design.

Energy Efficiency

If your pool is old, there’s a good chance that the equipment you use to run it is using a lot of energy. By upgrading your pool’s equipment, you can make your pool much more energy efficient, and save a lot of money on operating costs in the long run. Learn more about upgrading your pool for energy efficiency in our blog.

New Pool Finish

Your pool’s finish has a finite lifespan, and at some point it’s going to need to be replaced. Consider remodeling your pool with a new Pebble Tec finish. This finish uses a smooth pebble aggregate which is beautiful, easy on the feet, and durable. Learn more in our blog!

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