4 Upgrades to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient


Are you a pool owner who is wondering how to make your pool more energy efficient? It’s no secret that your energy bills will be higher during the months when your pool is open. But if you take steps to make your pool more energy efficient you can significantly cut down on wasted energy, and reduce your energy bills too! In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about some of the upgrades you can make to improve energy efficiency. Stay tuned for next weeks blog where we’ll share some everyday tips you can use that will also help reduce your pool’s energy usage!


These upgrades can make your pool a lot more energy efficient.

4 Upgrades to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pool pumps are used to circulate water so that all of the water in the pool passes through the filter to be cleaned. They come in one speed, two speed, and variable speed configurations. The most efficient kind of pump by far is a variable speed pool pump. Variable speed pumps are up to 90% more efficient that a single speed pump and up to 40% more efficient than a two speed pump. They run much quieter than both, because they use a permanent magnet motor instead of an induction motor, found in one and two speed pumps. Permanent magnet motors also last longer than induction motors.

While variable speed pumps are the most expensive pool pump, you can expect to recoup the cost over the lifetime of the pump in energy savings.

Install a Pump Timer

A pump timer can be used to automate the process of running the pump and filtering the pool water. Just set the timer to run for as long as needed to filter the water in your pool (which varies based on the size of the pool), and let it run. It will automatically shut off after time expires. Pump timers can also be programmed to run the pumps at times of the day when electricity is less expensive, which is useful if your utility provider offers reduced rates at off-peak hours.

Switch to a Heat Pump

If you heat your pool with heater that runs on natural gas or propane, consider switching to a heat pump. Heat pumps are more reliable and last longer than natural gas/propane heaters. While they are more expensive up front, they are less expensive to operate, thus you’ll recoup the cost over the course of a few pool seasons. Learn more about heating your pool in our blog.

Install a Pool Cover

Pool covers do a lot of great things for your pool. They keep debris out, they make the pool safer, and they reduce evaporation. 95% of a pool’s heat loss occurs at the surface of the pool through evaporation. A pool cover significantly reduces the amount of evaporation that occurs, which keeps your pool warmer. This means you use less energy to heat the pool, which saves you money.

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