4 Ways to Extend Your Pool Season in Maryland

While this year’s outdoor pool season is most definitely over, by making certain investments in your pool now, you could extend next year’s season significantly. Though the pool season traditionally goes from Memorial Day until Labor Day, with these upgrades you can be the first in your neighborhood to open your pool and the last to close it. Learn more in today’s blog!


Extending your pool season will help you get more enjoyment from your pool.

4 Ways to Extend Your Pool Season in Maryland

Purchase a solar pool cover

Solar pool covers are designed to trap solar heat and transfer it to your pool water, allowing them to increase the water’s temperature by 10-15 degrees. Covers also have the added benefit of cutting down on evaporation which will reduce your water usage as well as chemical costs.

Install pool heaters

A pool heater will warm up your pool’s water before the sun has had a chance to, allowing you to open your pool on chillier days. The majority of pool heaters are powered by gas, but you can also choose between solar heaters as well as heat pumps. If you do choose to invest in a pool heater, be sure to use it in tandem with a solar pool cover so that you trap all of the heat that you adding to your pool and don’t lose it to the atmosphere.

Build a pool enclosure

A pool enclosure refers to a structure that is built around your pool. These can come in a variety of designs, from open-air enclosures to those that are essentially a pool house. While an open-air enclosure will allow you to extend your swimming season when used with a patio heater, if you truly want to increase your use of your pool, a fully enclosed option will offer you the ability to swim all year round.

Add a fire pit or patio heater

While these options won’t warm up your pool, a fire pit or patio heater will allow you to enjoy your pool area well into chilly weather. By making your pool area a cozy place to curl up even after the weather gets nippy, you’ll be able to make the most out of your outdoor living area.

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