5 Advantages of Fall Pool Installation in Maryland


Summer is starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean you have to put off your dream of installing a new pool until next year. In fact, there are actually several great reasons to consider a fall pool installation in Maryland over a spring installation. While pool season itself might be nearing its end, building season continues into the fall, meaning you can have your pool installed this year and ready for a full season next year. Learn more about the advantages of installing your new pool this fall in our blog.


What are the benefits of installing your pool in the fall?

5 Advantages of Fall Pool Installation in Maryland

Your swimming area will be clean and neat by the next pool season.

Building a pool in your backyard is a big endeavor. Most big projects that start in the spring take all summer to complete. When you start in the fall, you guarantee that the area is cleaned up and ready to go by the start of the next pool season.

Lower Demand

Demand for pool building in the fall is lower than it is in the spring and summer. So what does this mean for you? It means that more builders are available, and they’ll be better able to fit your schedule. With fewer jobs to do, they can get yours done faster, and you may even be able to get a better price.

Getting in Before Cost of Good Increases

The manufacturers that make the materials needed to build a pool usually increase the prices of their products at the beginning of the year. That means if you were to wait until spring of next year, you would probably end up paying a little more than you would if you go ahead with a fall pool installation.

Your Pool Will Be Ready in Time for a Full Season

If you wait until next year, you might find that your pool isn’t ready to go by the time pool season arrives. When you install your new pool in the fall, you’re guaranteed a full first season for your new pool.

More Time for Landscaping

When you build a new pool (and especially when you build one with a landscape architect), it takes time for your new landscape to fully come in. Grass needs to grow and plants need to fill in. When you build a pool in the spring, you might find that this process continues into the summer. But when you build in the fall, your new landscape has more time to come into its own, which means it will be ready to go by next year.

Rhine Pools: Landscape Architecture for New Pools in Maryland


A new pool in Maryland that makes use of landscape architecture brings a lot more value not just to your pool, but to your outdoor living and your home as a whole. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today to talk with us about what you want to do with your pool remodel. Give us a call at 410.442.2445. Don’t forget to keep with us on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter too!

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