5 Hardscaping Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Hardscaping can completely transform the look, feel, and utility your backyard. Hardscapes refer to any non-plant elements such as paving, walkways, fences, and lighting in your outdoor areas and when done right they can add additional living space and personality to your back yard. Today we offer a few ideas of how hardscaping can enhance your home and transform your backyard into a space where you truly love spending time.


Hardscaping can transform your backyard.

5 Hardscaping Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Add a pergola

A pergola is a fun feature that is becoming more and more popular. Also known as an arbor, pergolas form a shaded area which you can use for dining or an extra seating area. The add an architectural element to your backyard as well as make your space more functional and useful. They are also a perfect addition to your pool area, providing a space to dry off and hang out before going inside.

Create a path

Creating a path throughout your backyard can create a sense of visual continuity. And because there are such a wide variety of materials to choose from, your path can be created to echo the design of your current (or future) yard. Some of the materials you might choose to create your path could be flagstones, pavers, bricks, or woodchips. Each will lend the space a distinctive personality so working with an experienced landscape designer can help you decide what will work best for you and your yard.

Upgrade your lighting

Your backyard should be beautiful at all times of the day so don’t forget to invest in lighting it properly! We offer a wide variety of lighting options to suit your space and needs. Different lighting can be used in the different areas of your yard to help give each space a distinctive personality. A properly lit home is also much safer than a yard that has many dark areas so investing in lighting is a good security measure.


Add an outdoor kitchen

Have you ever dreamed of spending lovely summer days enjoying the perfect weather by doing your cooking outside? Rhine Pools can make it a reality! A custom built-in outdoor kitchen let’s you entertain in style and make the most of your yard.

Consider a stone fireplace

A custom stone fireplace adds a unique element to your backyard that will make your neighbors jealous! After a dip in the pool, you can snuggle up in front of your gorgeous outdoor fireplace and enjoy your yard into the evening.

Rhine Pools: Landscape Architecture for Your Howard County Hardscaping Needs

A renovated backyard in Maryland that makes use of landscape architecture and hardscaping brings a lot more value not just to your pool, but to your outdoor living and your home as a whole. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today to talk with us about what you want to do with your pool remodel. Give us a call at 410.442.2445. Don’t forget to keep with us on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter too!

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