6 Reasons You Should Choose a Pebble Tec Finish


Are you thinking of refinishing your concrete pool? Tired of your old plaster finish? If so, it’s well-worth it to consider a new Pebble Tec finish. Not only does this finish look much better than the standard concrete pool finish, it performs better and lasts longer. Learn all about this superior pool finish in our blog!


A new Pebble Tec finish is a great addition to your pool.

6 Reasons You Should Choose a Pebble Tec Finish


What is a Pebble Tec finish?

A Pebble Tec finish is a pool finish that uses a mix of pebbles that have been blasted to a smooth surface with a shiny exterior. These pebbles are then bound together using a durable aggregate. The result is that it looks like you’re walking on the bottom of a beautiful clear stream, right in your pool.


Pebble Tec finishes are the highest quality pool finish you can get. Pebble Tec quarries its own stone so it can carry out its own quality control in order to create a high-quality finish that is both durable and beautiful.


A standard plaster pool finish lasts between 6-8 years depending on water conditions and overall care. A Pebble Tec finish will last from 10-15 years! With proper care, that’s twice as long as plaster finish.

Proprietary Technology

Pebble Tec uses its own proprietary pigment application process and mixing formula to create a one-of-a-kind product you won’t find anywhere else.


Unlike an ordinary pool finish, these finishes add a unique aesthetic to your pool. The light reflecting off the pebbles creates a beautiful visual effect that you won’t get with a standard finish.

Installed by Licensed Applicators

In order for a pool company to install a Pebble Tec finish it has to be licensed by Pebble Tec itself. This means that the company has gone through training in order to ensure it knows how to install a Pebble Tec finish to Pebble Tec’s high standards. The result is a perfect installation every time.

The Best Warranty

Pebble Tec finishes are backed by the best warranty in the business, for even more protection on your investment in a beautiful new pool finish.


Rhine Pools: Installing Pebble Tec Finishes in Maryland


If your old pool finish is worn out and needs to be replaced, a Pebble Tec finish can breathe new life into your pool and give it a totally new look. To learn more about this pool finish, talk to Rhine Pools! We’re certified to install all Pebble Tec finishes. Contact us today at 410.442.2445. Don’t forget to keep with us on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter too!


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