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Have a seat and take a minute to learn about what separates Rhine Pools from other pool contractors.

It’s a little bit too soon to get overly invested in the approaching spring season, but we’re having some trouble containing our excitement. One might say, in the words of the great Pointer Sisters, we’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it. With the promises of birds chirping and flowers blooming growing closer every day, temperatures will continue to rise and the final remnants of Winter Storm Jonas’ mountains of snow will continue to fade. The greater Baltimore area will emerge from its winter shelter to find the sunshine and warmth that they have longed for since the Orioles put their gloves and bats away last October.

Now that those same Orioles are at spring training in Sarasota, the joy of spring and summer is set to return to Maryland. The annoyance of blindly buzzing bees will be no match for the buzz of excitement as the school year draws to a close, beach vacations inch closer, and pools open up for the summer.  Wait a second — pools? Yes, pools! How could we almost forget about pools? Think of all the backyard barbecues! Both the exercise and the casual dips! The pool parties! Oh boy, we’ve got our hearts racing just thinking about it. How much fun it will be….

What’s that you say? Your aunt with the pool moved away? Your friend with the pool hasn’t spoken to you since you borrowed his shovel even though you’re sure you gave it back in January? You’ve been left pool-less by the most unfortunate of circumstances? Well we have some fantastic news. You, dear friend, have stumbled upon the right website. Not just that — you’ve stumbled upon the greatest pool design, pool installation, pool renovation, and backyard-oasis-making company on the East Coast. Welcome, ever so cordially, to our website.

The History of Rhine Pools and Rhine Landscaping

Rhine Landscaping — as corny as it sounds — started with a boy and his lawn mower. Jay Rhine, our founder and president, grew up on the farm that his family had owned since 1923. When Jay was just 19 years old, his father, Jack, sadly succumbed to his battle with lung cancer, leaving the farm in Jay’s sole ownership. In 1996, Jay picked up a lawn mower to earn a little extra income to support the farm, and so was established Rhine Landscaping. In the year 2000, they brought on their first designers and landscape architects, and by 2003 the company had over 50 employees and had established itself as a premier landscaping service in Maryland. Jay recently celebrated his 20th year in the landscaping industry, and business is booming.

Also in the early 2000’s, Jay and his landscaping company were working as subcontractors to other pool builders around Maryland. They found that customers were growing increasingly frustrated by standard pool contractors and all the subcontractors involved in creating a truly great outdoor living space. Jay envisioned a full-service pool contracting company — one that would take care of clients’ needs and ensure that everything was taken care of throughout the entire pool installation process to create a one-of-a-kind backyard oasis. And all of the sudden, Rhine Pools was born.  

What We Do

Sure, we do pools. But we don’t just do any old pool. We do the best pools. And we do hardscaped patios. And fences, and pavers, and stone walls, and that cute little koi pond next to your pool that makes you feel a little extra fancy. We do everything to transform your backyard from just a boring old backyard into an oasis, a getaway, an escape from reality. Start practicing saying: “Shangri-La? Oh, no, silly, that’s just my backyard,” because we’re here to seriously revamp your outdoor living space. Sure, you’ll get a pool. But we won’t stop there.

What Sets Us Apart

If you haven’t already picked this up from the first half of this blog post, we’ll go ahead and lay it out for you right here, plain and simple. We are not your run of the mill pool contractor. Pool installation is just the centerpiece around which your entire backyard oasis is built. People will often ask us what the difference is between us and any other yellowpage pool contractor you’ll find, and this is what we tell them. Sure, any other pool company will come, dig a hole in your backyard, lay down the walls, fill it with water, call it a pool, and scram — often leaving you with some combination of questions, extra charges, or missing pieces to your landscape puzzle. Not with us.

When we come in to start your pool project, we have much more than just the pool in mind. Whether we’re starting from scratch, or building onto an already-existing backyard landscape, our goal is to make sure that you get everything you want, have all your questions answered, and we leave you fully satisfied with your brand new outdoor living space. We bring pool installers, but we also bring designers and landscape architects to fully manage your entire design project. When Jay first envisioned Rhine Pools, he saw pools as more than just somewhere to cool off in the summer heat. He saw them as a centerpiece for a full and masterfully designed outdoor living space. He knew that a truly magnificent backyard features not only a pool, but also the fence around it, the hardscaping features surrounding and leading up to it, and the backyard behind it. After all, he does have 20 years of experience in landscaping, too. That’s what sets us apart.

Building Your Backyard Oasis with Rhine Pools

Okay, so, you get it. We build pretty snazzy backyards. But what exactly goes down when we start your backyard project? First, we’ll bring in our designers and landscape architects, and we’ll work with you to devise a “master plan.” We’ll integrate the pool as the centerpiece of a bigger landscape design. Each project gets a dedicated project manager who will stay in touch with you throughout the process to answer any questions that might pop up during our work, because we believe that it shouldn’t be the customer’s job to keep up with the busy project in their backyard. We don’t want to leave you having to try and play general contractor to figure out what exactly it is that you need and what’s happening — that’s our job. We’ll also be sure to keep you fully in the loop about what your project will entail, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. That means we’ll also work with and around your budget, and we absolutely won’t hide any expenses from you from the get go.

Customer service is a huge priority to us. That should be clear with our mission. After all, we’re working for you. Whether that means bringing your dreams to life, keeping you as involved or uninvolved as you want, or working with you in phases to fit your dreams into your budget, we have your back. We hope to bring the best possible customer experience to every project that we take on.

The Finishing Touch

When your project is complete, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Once you have your new or renovated pool all to yourself to enjoy, you’ll be glad you chose Rhine to help you get there. There are the obvious benefits, like the years and years ahead of you where you get to enjoy your backyard getaway — but there are also the less immediate benefits like the huge boost you’ll see in your home’s value if you ever decide it’s time to move on from your oasis.

If we’ve piqued your interest but you aren’t quite convinced, please, click around our website to learn more. Click through our menu bar to learn more about who we are and what we do, or click to our blog to learn more than you ever thought you’d want or need to know about pools, and stay up to date on recent news, tips, and tricks. If that doesn’t do it, our unique projects gallery will show you exactly what we’re talking about when we say that we will build a truly beautiful outdoor living space for you. Thanks for sticking with us through this whole spiel, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Get in Touch with Rhine Pools to Start Building Your Backyard Oasis

At Rhine Pools, we take pride in setting ourselves apart from your typical pool contractor. After seeing the way other pool contractors led their customers through the runaround, Jay Rhine wanted to give the people what they really wanted. Someone who will be with you, start to finish, and leave you with something better than you could have ever imagined. A new pool in Maryland that makes use of landscape architecture brings a lot more value, not just to your pool, but to your outdoor living and your home as a whole. Are you interested in learning more or getting started with your backyard oasis project? Contact us today to talk with us about what you want to do with your pool installation or remodel. Give us a call at 410.442.2445. Don’t forget to keep with us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter too!


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