A Guide To Pool Finish Materials


pool finish

Discover a few of the pool finish options that are available to you.

Pool season is getting closer and closer, so it is the perfect time to finalize details of your specific design.  One of the most important elements of any design is the specific finish material that will cover the pool surface.  You want a pool finish that is both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing all year long.  Luckily, there a few options to choose from that will enhance the look and feel of your dream pool.


When it comes to choosing a pool finish, plaster is one of the most popular and widely used finished among pool owners.  Plaster will give a smooth finish and texture to your pool, which is perfect for bare feet. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and white plaster will give off a bright blue appearance once water is in your pool.  With proper care and maintenance, plaster can last up to six to eight years.

Pebble Tec

One finish option that is quickly gaining popularity and attention is the brand Pebble Technology, which originated in Australia.  Pebble Technology manufactures several types of pool finishes that consist of pebble aggregates. A pebble aggregate finish will leave your pool with an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish.  There are a variety of textures and colors to choose from when it comes to Pebble Technology finishes. You can choose from large to small stones that are as bold or simple in color as you would like.


Want to have your pool surface glisten and sparkle while you are swimming?  Quartzite pool finishing consists of tiny pieces of quartz that sparkle in the water.  If you take care of your pool properly, a quartzite finish can last up to eight to ten years.

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

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