The Benefits of Pool and Spa Automation

Change the temperature of your pool from your smart phone!

Change the temperature of your pool from your smart phone!

With technology rapidly evolving every day, you can accomplish tasks you couldn’t even have imagined 40 years ago, including being able to clean your pool all the way from work.  Home automation technology allows any pool owner to operate and clean their pool from their smart phone.  So if you want to have your heated spa ready when you come home, all you have to do is press a button.  Having an automated pool makes life easier for you and your whole family.  

Saves You Time and Money

Every pool owner loves their pool until they have to clean it.  Luckily with automation technology, you can filter the water and keep it at the right temperature saving you time so you can relax.  An automated pool can also open and close pool covers, lessening the stress on your body.  Having an automated pool also saves you money by only making adjustments when needed.  So your heat pump will not be running longer than it should, saving you money on your energy bill.  

Precise Monitoring

Pool automation technology makes it easy to sanitize your water and keep the pH levels balanced, so you don’t have to.  The system tests your waters so it can know the right amount of chlorine and other chemicals to inject so your pool is properly balanced.  Now you can stop spending time and energy trying to figure out how much chlorine you need in your pool!

Gives You Back Control

All of these benefits let you set up your pool just the way you like it and all from your smart phone.  You have the ability to adjust the pool temperature throughout the day, set a cleaning schedule, and even warm up your heated spa before you get home.  Automation technology makes your pool easier to manage and lets you it enjoy it without all the manpower that usually goes into it.  

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

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