What Are The Benefits of A Salt Water Pool?

saltwater.poolIf you’re looking to build a pool in your backyard, it’s important to weigh each of your options to determine the type of pool that’s best for your lifestyle. While you may think salt water should just be in the ocean, you might want to think about filling your pool with it. Saltwater pools have nowhere near the amount of salt that the ocean contains, but do have many benefits when it comes to keeping your pool sanitary and safe for swimmers.

  1. Disinfectant. You might remember getting a cut at the beach and your parents telling you to go in the ocean to help it heal. Or, you might recall gargling with salt water when you had a sore throat. Salt water acts as a great disinfectant and it will help to sanitize the pool of any germs or bacteria in your pool.
  2. Recycled Chlorine. Having a saltwater pool is almost like having chlorine that can be used over and over again, instead of buying Chlorine and continuously putting it in your pool water. Through a process called electrolysis, salt water moves across a metal plate containing an electrical current. The result creates chlorine.
  3. Little to no side effects. Unlike chlorine pools, exposure to saltwater pools has little to no side effects on the body. In chorine pools, swimmers can suffer from irritated skin, eyes, and hair. In some cases, swimmers have also experienced lung irritation and asthma-like symptoms.

Rhine Pools in Howard County, MD wants to help you design and install your new saltwater pool. We’re a pool design company like no other, because we believe that a pool should function as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Our registered landscape architects and designers incorporate landscaping and hardscaping elements into the design to create your backyard oasis. With a Rhine Pool, the water’s always fine.

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