The Benefits of Working With a Landscape Architect When Designing a New Pool

If you are considering installing a new swimming pool, there are many reasons why you should involve the talent and expertise of a landscape architect during the design process. A landscape architect will offer many benefits that are beyond the capabilities of a general contractor and will be able to help ensure that your pool suits both your landscape and your lifestyle. In today’s blog, we share some advice on the benefits of working with a landscape architect when designing your new pool as well as what you should look for in order to choose the right landscape architect for your project. Learn more, below.



The Benefits of Working With a Landscape Architect When Designing a New Pool

The benefits of landscape architects

When you involve a landscape architect in the design phase of your new pool, they will not only take into account how you want to use your pool but will also look at your backyard as a holistic entity. An experienced landscape architect will take a range of information into consideration, including your aesthetic and practical preferences, septic and drainage challenges as well as the challenges presented by your unique landscape, and local and state building regulations that may affect your pool installation. While a normal pool installer will simply install your pool where you ask them to, a landscape architect will take your entire landscape into consideration and offer their expertise for how to best use your yard.


How to choose a landscape architect

When choosing a landscape architect, be sure to vet potential candidates thoroughly. You’ll want to be sure that whoever you choose has worked on projects that interest you so ask for a portfolio of designs they have completed and photos of finished projects based on their designs. This will give you a sense for how well their style will work with your own. It is also wise to ask for a few references that you can call to find out what is was like to work with a particular landscape architect. Were their previous clients satisfied with their work? Were they communicative and friendly or impossible to get in touch with? Personal testimonials are often the best way get a sense for what it will be like to work with someone. Finally, be sure to ask for proof of credentials. Landscape architects have to be licensed to practice in 46 states and any reputable designer will be happy to share their credentials with potential clients.


Trust Rhine Pools

At Rhine Pools, all of our projects begin with designs created by one of our experienced in-house landscape architects. Our designers will work closely with you to create a back yard design that reflects your personality and needs. Best of all, Rhine Pools will roll all necessary work into one contract so that you will only have to deal with one general manager throughout the project. Best of all, because our landscape architects work in-house, there’s never any worry about breakdowns in communication because our project managers see them every day. When you work with Rhine Pools, there is no need to worry about remembering the names and faces of dozens of subcontractors: We make your life easy by managing the details so that you don’t have to.

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