Best Ways To Clean Your Pool

How to make your pool feel like brand new

How to make your pool feel like brand new

It is now summer and you finally get to spend your free time tanning by your backyard pool.  But with the luxury that comes with having your own pool, comes responsibility.  To make sure your pool is continuously healthy, there are several maintenance procedures you have to go through.  

Skim, Scrub, Repeat

Leaves and debris are going to be a constant in your pool, so it is recommended to skim your pool daily to prevent build up.  Also check weekly for algae on the sides of your pool and then scrub away.  If algae are not treated, your pool will turn green which is unsightly for owners and guests.  For stubborn spots, fill an old sock with chlorine, let it sit on the spot, and then scrub.

Check Chemical Levels

Administering a weekly chemical level test is an important maintenance routine all pool owners should take on.  An improperly balanced pool can leave the water looking murky and can irritate the skin and eyes.  In order to have a safe pool, the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.  Anything that is below 7 is acidic and the plaster may erode.  A pH level that is above 8 is considered basic and calcium deposits can build on the pool floor.  A chemical level is done simply by purchasing a kit from your local home improvement store.

Clean The Filter

The filter of any pool is the main way it stays clean by removing dirt, leaves, and the occasional toy.  The filter can be easily cleaned by turning it off, removing the filter cap, and lifting out the basket clearing out all built up debris.  It is recommended to clean your filter once a week.  Once a month you should backwash the pool in order to clean the pipes that operate the filter system.    This is done by setting your filter to “backwash” and clean out the basket.  Turn on your pump and let it flow until you see clear water.


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