Can You Build a Pool on a Sloped Backyard?

can you build a pool on a sloped backyardWhile some people might look at their sloped or hilly backyard and never be able to imagine a pool there, others look at the same landscape and see an opportunity to create a beautiful and fun landscape. The key to constructing a pool on a sloped yard is the retaining wall. Structurally, this wall is used to hold back dirt and create a level area to build, but it can also be part of your pool construction. Here are two great options for building a pool on a sloped backyard.   


A great way to handle a hilly yard is to use a tiered layout where different parts of your landscape are placed at different levels and connected by stairs. Retaining walls are a major part of this design. The walls are used to create level areas above or below the wall where different features can then be built. By digging into a hill and building up a retaining wall, a level pool can then be built in the new space. A pool deck, garden, or even a spa can be built on the top level of the wall, or natural landscaping can be added.   

Fun Features

Hills are a big advantage if you’re interested in including a waterfall or water slide in your pool design. A retaining wall with a pool beneath it is the perfect setup for either a waterfall or water slide since the necessary drop is already there. If the retaining wall is exceptionally tall it will make the perfect backdrop for a stunning waterfall.   


A key element of any hillside design is drainage. When it rains, how will you keep your pool and patio from flooding and where will the water ultimately go? A knowledgeable pool design and installation company will know to plan for this challenge and then execute to perfection. Rhine Pools has three Landscape Architects on staff to properly design these intricate and beautiful pools.

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From pool houses and enclosures to water slides, Rhine Pools can help realize your vision of the perfect backyard. One of the secrets to the success of Rhine Pools is that we’re all inclusive. Clients deal with one project manager and receive answers and feedback from this person. There aren’t dozens of people and faces to remember. Instead of being narrowly focused on just the pool, many of our designs also include patios, decks, shade structures, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, plantings, lighting, and more. All of these elements are incorporated into a cohesive plan that is the basis of a successful project.

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