Should You Choose a Saltwater Pool?

Many pool owners would agree that while they love their pool, dealing with the chemicals necessary to keep it sanitary are a headache. Chlorine is hazardous to handle and store and many people hate the smell. It can also be irritating on skin and precautions must be taken when working with chlorine to prevent irritation. Given these drawbacks, saltwater pools are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. While saltwater pools are not technically chlorine-free (they actually create their own chlorine through a chemical reaction), they offer many benefits that may make them the right choice for you. Learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of saltwater pools in today’s blog.


Saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular, but are they right for you?

Should You Choose a Saltwater Pool?

Benefits of a saltwater pool

There are many benefits to saltwater pools that have helped to boost their popularity in recent years.

Safe alternative to chlorine

Saltwater pools are an especially good choice for people with chlorine sensitivities because, while they are not entirely chlorine-free, saltwater pool water is much less irritating than traditional pool water. Chlorine can also be hazardous to transport and store, so doing away with the need to keep it in your pool shed may be safer in the long run.

Soft water

Salt gives water a silky smooth feel which many swimmers prefer to the somewhat abrasive feeling that chlorinated water offers. Some people say that swimming in salt water pools is like bathing in rainwater. And unlike ocean water, salt water pools are not overly salty (they contain about 1/10th the saline of ocean water) so your skin won’t be dry after swimming.


Minimal maintenance

Saltwater pools require very little maintenance as the system creates its own chlorine as needed. You will need to periodically monitor chlorine levels to ensure that everything is within safe ranges but you will not have to worry about remembering to add the right chemicals in the right proportions at the correct time.

Saltwater pool disadvantages

While their benefits are many, there are a few drawbacks to saltwater pools as well.


The biggest disadvantage to saltwater pools is their cost. A saltwater system can easily cost $5,000 or more, making it significantly more expensive than a chlorinated system. However, many saltwater pool owners report recouping their costs within a few years due to the decreased maintenance.

More complicated

When something goes wrong with the sanitation of your chlorinated pool, usually all you have to do is pour in additional chlorine or other chemicals. However, because saltwater systems are far more complex, any problems with sanitation levels will require the help of a technician who is experienced with salt water pools.

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