Choosing a Pool: Chlorine vs. Saltwater

If you’re thinking about a pool, one of the many choices you’ll have to make is whether you want a chlorinated or saltwater pool. Both keep your pool clean and safe to swim in, but there a few differences to keep in mind that may affect your decision. Regardless, both are safe and effective methods of cleaning your pool.


Chlorine is the most popular method of pool cleaning. Chlorine is introduced into the pool manually in the form of tablets, granulated chlorine, or a solution. Chlorine is fast-acting and effective at killing bacteria. Up-front costs for chlorinated pools are also generally cheaper than saltwater pools. However, there are a few aspects of chlorine pools that may sway you towards saltwater.

First, chlorine can be hard on the skin and eyes, especially for those with sensitive skin. It also fades swimsuits quickly. While both chlorine pools and saltwater pools require regular maintenance, chlorine requires more frequent maintenance to ensure the chlorine levels are correct. Chlorine pools may also need be shocked on occasion to kill bacteria buildup if chlorine levels have not been properly maintained. This will prevent you from using the pool for a brief period of time.


The name saltwater conjures up images of the ocean, but saltwater pools actually don’t feel like saltwater at all. Despite the name, saltwater pools actually use chlorine to keep your pool clean. The difference is in where the chlorine comes from. Saltwater pools use a chlorine generator that uses a chemical reaction to make chlorine, which is then fed into the pool. You purchase the salt and put it in the generator, and then let the generator do the work for you. This mechanism provides a steady dose of chlorine to the pool and requires less frequent maintenance than a chlorine pool. It is easier on skin, eyes, and bathing suits, but it doesn’t feel like sticky saltwater.

Saltwater pools do cost more than chlorine pools up front because you have to make the initial investment in the chlorine generator. However, over time, salt costs less than chlorine to purchase, and doesn’t need to be purchased as frequently.

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