Concrete Pools in Maryland: Unlimited Potential for Design


If you’re a homeowner who is considering installing a concrete pool in Maryland, you’re not alone. Concrete pools are a popular choice for residential pools in Maryland, and for good reason. Concrete’s durability, combined with its potential for customized designs makes it an ideal for pool design and construction. Read on to learn more about the benefits of concrete, and why you should consider concrete for your pool in Maryland.

The Benefits of Concrete Pools in Maryland

Maryland Pool Design

One of the primary benefits of a concrete pool is the design possibilities that concrete allows. Unlike fiberglass, which comes in pre-made shapes and sizes, concrete is completely customizable. This allows you to take your Maryland pool design to the next level. What are some examples of pool design features unique to concrete pools?

  • Gradually sloping beach entries – it’s like the ocean in your own backyard.
  • Spillover hot tubs – a raised hot tub connected to the pool gently spills water into the pool.
  • Infinity edges – make your pool appear to stretch to the horizon with this optical illusion.
  • Tanning shelves – let the water gently lap over you as you lie on your pool’s tanning shelf.
  • Benches – sit and enjoy the water on a built in pool bench.


Normally we don’t think of concrete being the most flexible material. And it’s not, of course, but what concrete does offer is flexibility in design in areas with challenging topography. If you have a backyard with a hill, valley, or other challenging topographical features, concrete is much more flexible than a fiberglass pool in terms of creating a design that can work for your specific circumstances. So, even if your backyard is undulating and uneven, concrete pools can work.


Of course, concrete’s durability is another one of the benefits of a concrete pool. Unlike vinyl, which can be easily scratched or punctured, concrete pools are resistant to any knocks that might come their way. For a long-lasting material that will provide you with many years of backyard fun, it’s hard to beat concrete for your Maryland pool.

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