Concrete Pools Vs. Fiberglass Pools: Which One Is Best For You?

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What’s the difference between concrete pools and fiberglass pools, you ask? We’ve got answers.

There’s an ocean of difference between concrete pools and fiberglass pools, each one has their ardent supporters but there isn’t one that is clearly better than the other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses so it’s important to understand those differences when deciding which pool is best for you. Here are some of the biggest points that distinguish the two kinds of pools.


Fiberglass and concrete actually tend to cost about the same initially, with fiberglass usually being a slight bit more expensive but not in any significant way. Fiberglass pools have a nonporous surface, however, which makes it algae resistant and can save you money on chemicals in the long run.


Because fiberglass pools are built at a factory and are shipped in one shape, you can only choose from the available options. If shape is an issue for you and you want to be creative–perhaps for additional features like a grotto or waterfall–you may be more interested in concrete pools.


Fiberglass pools are a lot smoother, and as a result, are often better for families with young children. Concrete is coarse and can leave your feet feeling a little raw. There are a few different finishing options for concrete pools, however. Plaster finishes are smooth but need to be replaced quicker, whereas quartz finish is a bit more durable and comes in different colors. Pebble tech is the top of the line option–many different varieties and it lasts a long time.


This is one area where they differ in huge ways. Since fiberglass pools are already pre-made essentially, they just need their shell dropped into a hole and everything needs to be connected up. There are a few steps beyond that, but it usually only takes a few days to a week. This is in stark contrast to installing concrete pools which tend to take weeks or even months.

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