Why Should You Consider a Pool Enclosure in Maryland?


With the first snow of the season falling right now, taking a dip in the pool is the last thing on many Marylanders’ minds right now. Outdoor in-ground pools were closed up months ago to sit idle until the summer and its warm weather comes again. But you don’t have to let your pool sit unused for the majority of the year. With a pool enclosure in Maryland, you can use your pool all year long. If you’re thinking about installing a new pool, here are a few great reasons to consider a pool enclosure too.

Pool Enclosures in Maryland


Year-Round Pool Season

A pool enclosure is a structure built over your pool, usually as an addition to your home. Essentially, it’s kind of like a big room where your pool is located. Pool enclosures can be built as open-air structures, but many are built as complete enclosures in order to keep the elements out. Enclosures are often built with large windows to let the sun in.

The biggest benefit of a pool enclosure is that it extends your pool season from a few months a year to every month of the year. This is especially nice in Maryland, where the winters are definitely not suitable for outdoor swimming. If you’re an avid swimmer, it’s seriously worth considering a pool enclosure. This is a great way to keep your pool available as an option for exercise all year long. Swimming works almost every muscle in the body and is easy on the joints too!

Easier Maintenance

One of the downsides of an outdoor pool is that it can be difficult to keep it clean. Pool covers can help, but its inevitable that sooner or later, leaves and other debris will get into the pool. In addition, rain can throw off the balance of chemicals in the pool, requiring you to take steps to rebalance the pH level. A pool enclosure solves both of these problems. The pool is indoors and protected from the elements, making maintenance easier for you.

Installing a Pool Enclosure in Maryland

If you’re considering installing a new pool with a pool enclosure in Maryland, talk to Rhine Pools. We can help you realize your vision for your indoor pool and enclosure. Turn your pool into a year-round venue for recreation and relaxation with Rhine Pools! Contact us today at 410-442-2445 today to learn more.



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