Current Trends In Landscape Design

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are currently in the renovation process, well-designed landscape features will expand the beauty of any property.  There a variety of features, from bushes to your own garden, that are great additions to your backyard pool.  A well thought out and maintained landscape would enhance the view and privacy around your pool.  Get familiar with the current landscape design trends to gain inspiration for your upcoming design ideas.

Discover the current trends in the landscape design industry.

Discover the current trends in the landscape design industry.

Bring the Indoors Outside

There is a growing trend of homes having fully-equipped outdoor living space where families can do a variety of activities from cooking to exercise.  Your backyard is full of possibilities and is space where you can install intricate features such as an outdoor kitchen.  Kitchens are not just destined for the inside of your home anymore, and now you can cook a full course meal in the comfort of your backyard.  What is better than having a nice dinner with your family right next to your home pool.


When homeowners are planting their gardens and planning out all of the natural features around their property, they are trying to make their landscape as low-maintenance as possible.  The trend is to have a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing landscape without the constant watering and care.  A popular choice are plants that can withstand droughts and the elimination of turfgrass.  Homeowners want their garden to survive with as little help as possible.

High Quality But Simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to landscape design with homeowners choosing to install natural features on their property.  Natural stone patios and walkways are a growing trend in landscape design, and they are a great addition to your home pool.  Natural stone is a favorite among homeowners with it being long lasting and highly durable.   


Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

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