Custom Pool Design: Kid-Friendly Features


If you’re thinking about installing a new pool in your backyard and you have young children at home, it’s a great idea to think about kid-friendly pool design options. Creating the perfect pool for your family means designing a pool that kids will love, but also one that is safe for them to use. Plus, though the adults might not admit it, they often like these added features just as much, if not more than their kids themselves! Keep on reading to learn about some of the most popular kid-friendly features for your new custom pool in Maryland!


Learn about some great kid-friendly pool features in our blog!

Custom Pool Design: Kid-Friendly Features


Gradual/Beach Entry

A gradual entry is an entry to the pool that is reminiscent of walking into the ocean at the beach. Instead of a series of steps, it’s a nice gradual descent into the pool. Kids will love the novelty of it, and parents will appreciate that it makes entering the pool safer for their kids by eliminating the risk of tripping on steps.

Pool Lights

Pool lighting is another fun custom pool design feature that kids will love. LEDs can change colors, which is sure to get a wow from the kids. Plus, if the kids want to go for a swim at night, parents will be able to monitor what’s going on easier with a brightly lit pool. Don’t forget about lighting outside the pool to keep the area around it well lit too.

Water Features

You know those fun water features you see at the water park like waterfalls, fountains, and jets? You can have them at home too! These water features will bring a smile to any kids face and will provide hours of entertainment.

Wading Pool

A very shallow section of the pool suitable for wading is great for the younger kids. Young kids often get tired of swimming around in floaties, so they’ll like that they have an area meant just for them. Plus, this shallow can even double as a tanning ledge for the adults!

Slides and Diving Boards

Water slides are always a favorite for kids of all ages. With Rhine Pools landscaping expertise, we can design a water slide that follows the natural contours of the land down to the pool, making the slide safer, but still loads of fun! Check out the photo in this blog for an example!

Diving boards can also offer safe fun for kids who are old enough to use them. Learn more about how a landscape architect can help you design a safe diving board in our blog.

Kid-Friendly Pool Design from Rhine Pools


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