Design Ideas for Ideal Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures and houses are a great way to add some flare to your pool.

A nice pool enclosure completely reimagines the ways you can use your pool. Pool enclosures are structures built over your pool that are either open-air or closed, separating the pool from the outside. There are a ton of reasons to invest in pool enclosures, namely: year-round enjoyment of your pool, easy operation, additional value added to your home, and even safety. The utility a pool enclosure brings to your pool experience is unquestionable, but what should you keep in mind when designing one?

Keeping Height In Mind

Pool enclosures can come in a variety of different heights. Lower enclosures will really only allow for swimming to happen, if you try to stand on the sides of your pool you’ll hit the roof. Larger enclosures will allow for much more space and even patio chairs or potted plants to be placed poolside. Keep in mind that larger enclosures will end up costing you more money as they require more materials to build. If you want more space for lounging furniture though, you may want to invest in the more extravagant pool house.

Light It Up

LED lighting strips can serve a few different purposes. One, it lets you use your pool at night–expanding your pool usage even more. Don’t let the darkness stop you from getting a nice swim in. It can also serve to enhance the safety of your pool, for example, if you have steps leading into your pool, lining them with LED lights can make them easier to distinguish. Lastly, they’re just a nice aesthetic touch that can make the glass of your pool enclosure look like something truly beautiful.

Retractable Or Not

Some people opt for retractable pool enclosures. These can be a convenient and quick way to change up your backyard without doing too much work. Just let your pool out in the open and take a nice dip in the perfect spring weather!

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

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