Don’t Fall for the End of Pool Season! Get a Heater or Heat Pump

pool heater

Who says you have to get out of the pool when those leaves start falling?

You may have heard some Debbie-downers talking about a so-called “cold front” coming in this week, and something about the end of the summer. Well if you’re like us, you aren’t having it and want the pool season to go on forever. Luckily, the marvels of modern technology allow you to do just that. A pool heater or heat pump, when combined with a solar cover, will let you stretch your favorite season in both directions. Here’s a little more information on how each works, and their respective pros and cons so you can decide the best way to make summer last forever.


A pool heater works exactly like a gas stove and a pot of water. The heater burns propane or natural gas to heat water to a certain temperature before releasing it back into the pool. The pros for this type of heater is that it heats water quickly, it works at any temperature, and the unit is less expensive than a heat pump. However, using natural gas or propane can get expensive, and these units have a high number of moving parts, increasing the likelihood of something failing.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use electricity and ambient air to heat pool water. Since electricity is generally less expensive than natural gas or propane heat pumps have a lower operating cost, but a higher initial cost when compared to heaters. A heat pump’s biggest downfall is that it only works at temperatures above 50-degrees. So while you will be able to extend your pool season, it will not extend it as much as a heater can.

Solar Cover

No matter which options you choose, you absolutely need to pair it with a solar cover. These covers use sunlight to keep water temperature up while you aren’t swimming. Since most of the heat loss is happening through evaporation, a solar cover will help make the most of your heater or heat pump’s hard work.

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