Celebrating Earth Day with Natural Swimming Pools


A natural pool can make your backyard more unique — and more eco-friendly.

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22, and that means it’s time to celebrate good ol’ Mother Nature. What better way to be one with nature on Earth Day than to consider a natural swimming pool? It sure sounds good — it’s got nature right in the name — but what exactly are natural swimming pools? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but we’ll give you a few more details as we continue on. Without further ado, here are those details.

About Natural Swimming Pools

Remember how glorious it was to find a swimming hole, somewhere out in the woods, where nobody else would ever find it? Now you can have one in your own backyard. Natural swimming pools, sometimes referred to as green pools or organic pools, recreate the back-to-nature feeling of that old swimming hole. Typically built as two connected pools — one for plants and one for swimming — natural swimming pools are essentially self-cleaning and offer a wide variety of other benefits (we’ll get to those in a minute).

Before we get to those benefits, we want to clear the air about a few things. You might be thinking that a natural swimming pool sounds kind of gross, with mud between your toes and a pond of stagnant water gathering bugs and turning brackish. We promise, those concerns will totally evaporate once you see how it looks in your yard. There are many misconceptions about natural pools, and we happened to come across an awesome source the debunks all of those myths and casts natural pools in a pretty good light. If you’re a little iffy on the idea of a natural pool, click here to have those concerns settled.

Environmental Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

So, if you clicked over to that article, you have a pretty good idea of what a natural pool can do for you. But what about their impact on the environment? This blog post is about Earth Day, after all. Well first of all, there’s the obvious in that you’re building your own little ecosystem in your backyard. Adding plants to your landscape is always an environmental plus. Mostly, natural pools are all about the energy and chemicals that you don’t use on a regular pool system. There are no filters or heaters that’ll rack up your energy bill and use valuable resources. There are no chlorine or pH maintenance chemicals. It’s all natural. Like shopping in the organic section of the grocery store, shopping for an organic pool with Rhine is just as beneficial. Maybe not as directly to your health, but definitely to the health of this big ol’ rock we call home.

At Rhine Pools, we stop at nothing to fully realize your dreams of building a backyard oasis. If that means talking about adding a natural swimming pool to your property, we’re all ears. We’re excited to take on any challenge you may bring on. Just give us a call to get the conversation started.

Celebrate Earth Day with Rhine Pools

At Rhine Pools, we take pride in setting ourselves apart from your typical pool contractor. After seeing the way other pool contractors led their customers through the runaround, Jay Rhine wanted to give the people what they really wanted. Someone who will be with you, start to finish, and leave you with something better than you could have ever imagined. A new pool in Maryland that makes use of landscape architecture brings a lot more value, not just to your pool, but to your outdoor living and your home as a whole. Are you interested in learning more or getting started with your backyard oasis project? Contact us today to talk with us about what you want to do with your pool installation or remodel. Give us a call at 410.442.2445. Don’t forget to keep with us on Facebook,Google+, and Twitter too!

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