Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

It is important to care for your pool when the leaves start falling.

It is important to care for your pool when the leaves start falling.

The official start to fall is a couple of weeks away, and this is the time when homeowners have to increase the amount of outdoor maintenance.  While you are raking your leaves and mowing the lawn, try not to forget about your pool in the backyard.  Since your pool will be getting less use during the fall season, it is the perfect time to check for any issues and perform some routine maintenance.  There are several ways to care for your pool, so it survives the upcoming winter months.

Leaves and Debris

One of the major tasks every pool owner has to complete regularly is leaf and debris clean up.  During the fall season, trees shed their leaves, and many of them seem to always land in your pool.  It is crucial to act quickly when leaves land in your pool before they get to the bottom because they can damage your pool floor.  Any accumulation of plant debris can lead to algae growth which can stain and damage your pool.  Always make sure to check your strainer baskets regularly and skim your pool continuously throughout the fall season.  

Clean Your Pool Filter

It is always important to clean your pool filter at the beginning of fall especially if you had a heavy traffic flow during the summer months.  You want a clean and empty filter when it gets colder, and you become less motivated to clean your pool.  It is recommended to check your filter occasionally during the autumn months for a buildup of debris or foliage.  

Prepare Your Pool Cover

To get ready for the winter season and to make your pool will be fully protected, it is essential to inspect your pool cover.  Depending on what area you live in, it might get colder in earlier in the fall season than expected, so you might have to use your cover at night.  It is good to use your pool cover during the fall as well so it makes leaf clean up easy and simple.  It is important to take your time and shop around for the perfect pool cover for your home pool.

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

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