Fall Yard Clean-Up Must Do’s for Great Landscapes

As the weather gets cooler, it is imperative to prepare your landscaping for the Fall and Winter seasons.  Here are some top tips at ensuring your lawn stays in the best shape for next Spring!

Fall Yard Clean-Up Must Do’s for Great Landscapes


Mulch Your Flower and Plant Beds

Mulching in the fall is better for your plants than waiting until the springtime.  The key reasons for this is that the added mulch helps protects your plants by maintaining a moisture barrier and protecting the roots against frost.

Use about 2-3″ of mulch around the plant base.  but be certain to use a mulch that is most ideal for your intended purpose.  Hardwood mulch is a good, safe mulch that is readily available.

Dead or Dying Plants

You can remove dead annuals and deadhead blooms, as well as cutting back grasses and perennials.  You want to avoid pruning over this season and instead wait until the weather gets warmer.


Heavy snow and ice can wreak havoc on small, delicate plants and shrubs.  You should wrap them in burlap or cover with a pot.


If you have any questions or need assistance with your landscaping needs or fall clean-up, please contact us for assistance.


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