How to find a Pool Builder in Howard County


If you’re searching for a pool builder in Howard County, it’s important to know that not all pool builders are created equal. There is a big difference between the builder who leaves you to deal with subcontractors and the builder that takes the time to work with you and provide you with dedicated customer service. To help you in your search for a pool builder in Howard County, we’ve compiled a list of a few things that a pool company that goes the extra mile offers that will make your pool building experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Finding a Pool Builder in Howard County

Dedicated Project Managers

A dedicated project manager is a component of the pool building experience that many companies overlook. This can lead to mix-ups and miscommunications that can delay construction and cause endless frustration, and in general is a serious oversight in customer service.

For every pool we build, Rhine Pools puts a dedicated project manager on the project. This allows us to better coordinate the timelines and needs of our builders, subcontractors, and most importantly, you. With a dedicated project manager, everyone is on the same page, and delays due to conflicting schedules and other hangups are much less likely to happen. In terms of customer service, a dedicated project manager offers you a personal contact who you can get in touch with at any time with questions and concerns regarding the project.

A Focus on Design

Before construction even begins, you want a pool builder in Howard County with a focus on design. Design is what makes your pool unique and integrates it into your backyard and outdoor living. Cookie cutter designs just won’t cut it. A company that puts an emphasis on design will work with you to design a one-of-a-kind pool as part of a total outdoor living package that includes everything from patios and decks to outdoor kitchens and pool houses.

With professional landscape architects working on all of our projects, Rhine Pools is committed to innovative and unique pool design that stands out. Read more about our pool design and see some of our portfolio here.

Howard County pool builder

About Rhine Pools

RHINE Pools is a pool builder located in Howard County. We work throughout central Maryland and can handle every aspect of your pool design. We do not only install new pools and do pool renovations we are a part of one of the very best Landscape Companies in the state of Maryland.  Having this in-house power allows us to be your single source to build you the outdoor oasis of your dreams.  We believe that if you build a pool it needs to be an integrated center piece of your backyard and you should be able to build that center piece with a firm that understands all of the pieces of the puzzle and who will deliver on time and on budget. A portfolio of our work is available online.

If you have any questions about a new pool or about pool renovations, contact RHINE Pools by calling 410-442-2445 or clicking here today! Check us out on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest as well!


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