Five Lesser Known Things About Planning a Pool


Are you looking into getting a new pool in Maryland? Even though the summer is over, there’s no bad time to start thinking about a new pool. In fact, there are several advantages to planning in the offseason, which we’ve covered in a recent blog.

If you’re starting to plan for a new pool in Maryland, you’ve probably thought about some of the basics. Do I want a concrete pool or fiberglass pool? Chlorine or salt water? What kind of finish do I want? What kind of aesthetic do I want my pool to have? How can I better integrate my pool into my backyard and create a complete outdoor living situation? These are all questions that the pool builders at Rhine Pools can help you with. In the meantime, add the items listed below to your list of things to think about when planning for your new pool in Maryland. It’s important to take all factors into account, even those lesser known ones that can sometimes evade us.

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Five Lesser Known Things About Planning a Pool

Home Insurance

Getting a new pool could affect your homeowner’s policy. Check in with them to see how a pool could affect your policy.

Long Term Expenses

Besides the initial investment in the pool’s construction, there are a few long-term expenses associated with owning a pool. These include regular cleaning and maintenance, operating, and water costs. Your pool is certainly an investment, one that’s well worth it!

Pools can be Energy Efficient

You probably think of things like your home’s HVAC in terms of energy efficiency, but did you know your pool can be energy efficient too? Modern pool equipment is an investment that will pay for itself if you choose energy efficient options. Your pool builder in Maryland can help you in this area.

A Question of Weather

Another thing you should consider is the weather and environment in your area. Is your house surrounded by trees? You might want to consider an automated pool cover for a rectangular pool. By closing this every time you leave the pool you help the water cleaner (free of leaves and branches) warmer, and you won’t have to use as many chemicals. A pool enclosure is a great investment when it comes to the weather, as it lets you use your pool even when its raining, with the added benefit of not having to worry about the water’s pH balance being upset. Pool enclosures can also be used to extend the pool season.

Not all pool builders in Maryland are the Same!

Not all pool builders in Maryland are the same! If you’re looking for a pool builder that takes a unique approach to pool building, Rhine Pools may be the builder for you. Contact us today at 410-442-2445 to learn more about pool building in Maryland!


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