Harness the Sun with Pool and Landscape Lights


pool lights

Underwater pool lights can really add an exciting accent to your pool.

You might not notice it yet, but the days are getting shorter. It’s gradual, and the big jump isn’t until Daylight Savings ends on Nov. 6, but it’s happening. If you took our advice from the other week you know have a nice warm pool to swim in when the weather finally cools off. If you don’t have any pool lights though, you’ll be swimming in the dark. The pool isn’t the only place you should consider adding lights. Combining landscaping lights with your pool lights will help you light up and enjoy your yard all night, and can help highlight the beauty of your yard and hardscaping.


Types of Lights

  • Underwater Lights: There are two types of underwater lights, flush-mounted or surface-mounted. Just as their names suggest, flush-mounted do not protrude from the pool wall while surface-mounted lights do. Flush-mounted are more attractive and tend to break less since they don’t stick out, but surface-mounted are generally less expensive.  


  • Garden Lights: Lights placed strategically around your garden will give off just the right amount of light to allow you to move around comfortably while highlighting the beauty of your garden.
  • Feature Lights: If you have a water feature in your pool such as a fountain or waterfall, the perfect way to really make it stand out at night is with a feature light. These lights usually offer different color options for you to choose from. You can also set them up to scroll through the available colors, or turn on patterns.


Light It Up

While all lighting is arranged to make your pool and yard look it’s best, some is more functional than others. Flood lights are intended to brightly light up a large area. These are great for large backyards and everyday use, like letting the dog out before bed, or getting in that last little bit of yard work once the days get shorter.

Contact Rhine Pools for Custom Pool Design and Construction

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