The Important Aspects of Home Pool Installation

Learn what goes into install a pool into your home.

Learn what goes into install a pool into your home.

Many people want their pool to be ready by spring or summertime, but they do not realize the amount time and work that goes into the whole process.  Fortunately, once the planning and design portion is finished, the installation aspect usually gets completed much quicker.  Rhine Pool will provide you with the best professionals in the business to install your pool on your property.  There a few parts of the installation process you should know about before investing in a pool for your home.

Excavation and Steel

Once you have approved the exact location and layout of your pool, then Rhine Pool professionals can begin to excavate for your pool.  Excavation consists of professionals digging into the ground and removing all of the dirt and soil to start installing specific components for your pool.  During the excavation process, we will determine where your pool walls will be located.  Rhine Pools professionals will then enforce the whole structure with steel which will act as the backbone of your pool.

Pool Floor and Plumbing

After steel is installed, then Rhine Pool professionals will start creating the shell of your pool, which will most likely consist of concrete.  The walls and floor of your pool are made out of a mixture of sand and gunite to create a strong cement consistency.  You will then get to choose the pool surface with either plaster, quartzite, or a pebble finish that will be applied in your pool.  Rhine Pool professionals will then install and test out the plumbing system to fit your specific pool design.  Every pool that we design has a unique plumbing system.

Electric/Gas and Decking

After the plumbing is installed, all of your pool equipment will be installed including a filter system.  For all of your pool equipment to function, Rhine Pools will connect electric and gas to all of your equipment.  Once the electric and gas connections are installed and inspected, a pool deck will be built around the whole structure.  You can customize your pool deck to go with the same style design as your pool.

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

If you have questions about pool maintenance and ownership, Rhine Pools is here to help. We are an all-inclusive company, so you won’t need to worry about working with ten different project managers and faces over the course of your project. Right now is a great time to step up your outside aesthetic, our services include patios, decks, shade structures, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, plantings, lighting, and even more! Whatever you want as part of your pool and landscaping, Rhine Pools can handle the job! For more information and details on proper pool maintenance, give us a call at (410) 442-2445 or visit us online. For more pool design tips, follow us on social media at Houzz, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.

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