Installing An In-Ground Pool In Howard County, Maryland


Despite the snow spring is right around the corner, and before you know it we will be putting our bathing suits on and jumping in the closest pool to escape the summer heat. If the closest pool is not in your backyard, this is the year to install your own personal backyard oasis, complete with a custom swimming pool. Swimming pools are the best “staycation” destination. Your new backyard oasis will be the place all the kids want to be and all the adults envy. But with your new found popularity comes responsibilities; make sure to have an endless supply of cool drinks, snacks, popsicles, and the ever important adult beverages. Well I have gotten a little carried away, before we worry about the refreshments, we need to start by choosing a qualified local Howard County pool builder.

Questions to ask when selecting a Pool Builder

If you are considering installing a pool this year, time is of the essence. The majority of pool builders book up by the early spring for the year. But don’t rush the selection of your pool builder. They are the most important element in building your in-ground pool. It is important to interview your pool builder to make sure that they are a good match for you and your project. There are two very important questions that are often overlooked by homeowners.

Will I have a dedicated project manager for my pool project on the job every day?

Communication is important in any big construction project. By having a project manager on-site every day you have someone who can readily address questions and concerns about your pool project. This not only makes your pool building experience pleasant, but ensures your pool is built to meet your expectations.

What work is subcontracted and what work is done by company crews?

There is nothing wrong with subcontractors. They are necessary in constructing a concrete pool where there are many specialty traders. However, selecting a builder that has some in house crews to perform some of the work can keep costs down and quality up. For example, a company that subcontracts masonry work will take their subcontractors price and mark it up to make a profit. These pool builders will typically select the cheapest subcontractors to ensure they have a competitive price even with their markup. These low cost subcontractors typically are under-supervised and poorly trained. As a customer, you pay the market rate for work below the industry standards for workmanship.

At Rhine Pools we can answer these questions with confidence. We have a dedicated project manager on your job every day that will walk you through the building process of your pool. We subcontract our gunite and plastering but run 16 crews with specialties in masonry, pavers, carpentry, grading, planting, outdoor lighting, and irrigation. We also have two landscape architects on staff to ensure our pools fit seamlessly into your landscape.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our accomplished pool designers contact us today at 410-442-2445 or check out our portfolio of work online.

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