Is Your Pool Cover Able to Handle the Weight of Snow?

Now that blizzard Jonas has come and gone, you may still be dealing with the aftereffects. While it’ll probably be awhile before we see record snowfall like what descended on the Maryland region a few weeks ago, winter is still in full swing which means there may still be more snow in store. One concern many pool owners have is whether their pool cover can handle the weight of snow after a big storm and in this week’s blog, we’ll explain when you need to start worrying and what to do to keep your pool cover in its best condition. Learn more, below.

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Can your pool cover handle the weight of snow after a blizzard?

Is Your Pool Cover Able to Handle the Weight of Snow?

Good news: your pool cover is probably fine

If your pool cover was properly attached when you closed your pool then there’s little risk of damage except in extreme cases. Usually you want to keep your cover free from debris, but a few inches of snow can actually be a good thing for your cover during a windy storm: blizzards can bring winds of over 35 miles per hour and the weight of the snow on your cover will help prevent it from blowing away.

When should you start worrying?

Your pool cover is designed to withstand all kinds of conditions, but even the highest quality product is at risk of failing if it’s not maintained properly. Up to 2’ of snow are fine for your pool cover, but once you get beyond that you should monitor the cover closely to ensure it doesn’t look like it will fail. If you’ve gotten more than 3’ of snow, it’s time to start clearing it off immediately to prevent the safety cover anchors from popping off.

How to safely remove snow

If you’re getting worried about snow weighing down your cover, it’s important to remove it carefully. Avoid clearing off your cover using any object with sharp edges (such as a snowshovel) that could accidentally cause a tear. Your safest option is to use a broom or snow/leafblower to remove excess accumulation.


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