What Kind of Pool Pump Should I Choose?

Pool pumps are used to circulate water throughout your pool. The pump pulls water through the skimmer and main drain, sends it through the filter, and then sends it back through the main return drain to the pool, now filtered and clean. This is a continuous process that ensures the water in your pool is always filtered.

There are a couple different kinds of pool pumps used to circulate water through the pool’s cleaning systems. Pumps come in single speed, two speed and variable speed configurations. Which one is best? Learn more in our blog!

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Pool Pumps


Single Speed

As the name suggests, single speed pumps have one mode of operation at a single speed. You turn it on and it runs at that speed.

The good thing about single speed pumps is that they’re inexpensive. On the other hand, they’re the least efficient kind of pump and are also the noisiest. A less efficient pump means higher operating costs, which means while you might save on upfront costs, you’ll pay it back and then some in the long run.

Two Speed Pumps

Two speed pumps use the same kind of motor (induction) as a single speed pump, but they have an option for a low speed that saves energy. Usually what people do is leave the pump on low most of the time, and then turn it up to high when they need to vacuum the pool, remove debris, or run the heater.

Two speed pumps are more expensive than single speed pumps, but they’re much more efficient. A two speed pump can save 50-70 percent on energy costs over a one speed pump.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps use a permanent magnet motor, which is actually what they use in electric cars. The user can set the pump at the speed that is most efficient for their pool. They’re also quieter than pumps with induction motors and last longer. They’re up to 90% more efficient than a single speed pump. They’re definitely the most expensive pool pump up front, but many homeowners find that the energy savings and increased life span is well worth it.


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