Why Is Landscaping Important in Pool Design?

Landscaping is an essential part of pool design. However, it’s often one that is either overlooked, or misinterpreted. This can lead to two scenarios. (A) A pool is not properly designed to fit with the landscape, causing problems such as drainage issues, or (B) a homeowner is told that their landscape is too difficult to work with, and can not accommodate a pool.

Both of these problems are avoidable when landscaping is factored into pool design properly. For starters, proper landscape design will ensure that no problems such as drainage issues come up once the pool is installed. Secondly, many landscapes that might appear to prohibit the construction of a pool can actually accommodate a pool. By modifying the design of the pool and the landscape around it, tough slopes and other features can be overcome. Not only that, but the design of the pool usually ends up being much more unique and engaging than that of a traditional backyard pool.

If landscaping is so important in pool design, why is it so often not factored in as much as it should be? The reason is that many pool builders are just that. Pool builders. Rhine Pools is more than just a pool builder. With the help of Rhine Landscaping, Rhine Pools is a full-fledged pool builder and landscaper in central Maryland. By combining our knowledge of pool building and landscaping, we design and build incredible pools that other builders may have told you weren’t possible. Our professional landscapers conduct an extensive survey of the land to determine the optimal location for your pool, and what changes can be made to the landscape to better accommodate the design. Don’t let another pool builder tell you what is and isn’t possible. Talk to Rhine Pools about designing your dream pool in Maryland today.

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About Rhine Pools

RHINE Pools is a pool builder located in Howard County. We work throughout central Maryland and can handle every aspect of your pool design. We do not only install new pools and do pool renovations we are a part of one of the very best Landscape Companies in the state of Maryland.  Having this in-house power allows us to be your single source to build you the outdoor oasis of your dreams.  We believe that if you build a pool it needs to be an integrated center piece of your backyard and you should be able to build that center piece with a firm that understands all of the pieces of the puzzle and who will deliver on time and on budget. A portfolio of our work is available online.

If you have any questions about a new pool or about pool renovations, contact RHINE Pools by calling 410-442-2445 or clicking here today! Check us out on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest as well!

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