Why You Need a Dedicated Project Manager for Your Pool’s Construction


We’ve talked a lot on our blog about what differentiates Rhine Pools from other pool builders in Maryland. One of these differences is our emphasis on ensuring that every project we undertake has a dedicated project manager. You may think that this is a standard practice among pool companies, but many do not actually provide you with a dedicated project manager, leaving you to figure out many of the details for yourself. Here’s why we always provide you with a dedicated project manager for your pool’s construction, and what a single point of contact does for you.

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During the course of your pool’s construction, various subcontractors will be involved in different phases of the work. Without a dedicated project manager, there is no system of accountability in place, and nowhere for you to go if you have questions or concerns. A subcontractor may show up at your house unannounced or unscheduled. They most likely won’t have the answers to any questions regarding the project other than those concerning the work they’re contracted to do. Miscommunications can result in the wrong contractors showing up at the wrong time or on the wrong day. Taken together, these issues can be a hassle to deal with and can result in your project being delayed by days or weeks.

This is why we make sure that we assign a dedicated project manager to all of our pool construction projects in Maryland. With a dedicated project manager, we ensure that our projects proceed according to schedule, and eliminate miscommunications by providing every project with a single point of contact. When we begin your project, you’ll get your manager’s cell phone number and e-mail address so you can contact them at any time with any questions or concerns you may have. We believe that you shouldn’t be left to figure things out for yourself when it comes to your pool. You don’t hire a pool company just so you can end up being the de facto project manager. With Rhine Pools, your Maryland pool will always have a dedicated project manager and single point of contact so nothing gets lost in the details and you get swimming right on schedule. Contact us today for more information!

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About Rhine Pools

RHINE Pools is a pool builder located in Howard County. We work throughout central Maryland and can handle every aspect of your pool design. We do not only install new pools and do pool renovations we are a part of one of the very best Landscape Companies in the state of Maryland.  Having this in-house power allows us to be your single source to build you the outdoor oasis of your dreams.  We believe that if you build a pool it needs to be an integrated center piece of your backyard and you should be able to build that center piece with a firm that understands all of the pieces of the puzzle and who will deliver on time and on budget. A portfolio of our work is available online.

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