Opening Your Pool for Spring


It’s spring time, and that means you can finally open your pool.

It’s finally spring and soon enough the weather will be nice enough to open your pool again. It may not be time for swimmers just yet, but proper pool opening is necessary to ensure that once the weather is nice and warm, your custom inground pool will be set up just right.

Draining, Cleaning, and Removing the Pool Cover

As you learned when closing your pool for the winter, proper pool cover maintenance is vital. Use a cover pump to remove any excess water and then clear as much debris as possible from the top to prevent it from falling into the pool. When removing the cover itself, some debris like leaves or excess water might fall into the pool–but don’t worry, you’ll be vacuuming the pool later.

Raising the Levels

Using a garden hose, refill the levels of your pool back to its normal levels. This is either around the middle of the skimmer opening or about halfway up the tiles. Proper levels will make your pool experience as good as it can get once that summer weather rolls around.

Reconnecting Equipment

Your custom inground pool may be filled with design features to make your experience unique. Now that your cover is off and you’ve got the proper levels, it’s time to reconnect all of your equipment. You will need to reconnect your filter, pump, heater, and any other special equipment you may have shut down for the winter. If you used any kind of winter plugs for your equipment, make sure you remove those as well. After everything is hooked up once again, it’s time to turn your system back on and get your custom inground pool up and running.

The Latest Swimming Pool Design Trends from Rhine Pools

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