Outdoor Living and Your Pool in Maryland


A pool is the central component in your outdoor living setup in your backyard, but it’s just one of many parts that make up your outdoor living as a whole. Everything from landscaping and hardscaping to decks, lighting, and other outdoor amenities combines to make a complete outdoor living picture for you to step into and enjoy. Build your own personal oasis with these outdoor living standards.


Outdoor Living Standards



The centerpiece of your outdoor living setup, the pool serves as the starting point for your outdoor living experience. A custom pool in Maryland is the ideal pool as it allows you to satisfy your creative vision and extend it into the rest of the components of your backyard.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Using the space around your pool, you can create a cohesive landscape that transforms the pool into an integral part of your yard. Landscaping and hardscaping are the two main ways this is accomplished. From natural additions of shrubbery and trees to hardscaped patios, walkways and stone work, landscaping and hardscaping combine to create a totally unique environment in your backyard.


Outdoor structures serve as places to relax and entertain. From a deck or screen porch connected to the house to a pergola or gazebo in the backyard, your outdoor living experience isn’t complete without a place to entertain. You can even take this to the next level with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, great for entertaining large groups.

Aesthetic Touches

Don’t overlook the small things. It’s the small aesthetic touches that really complete this picture. Subtle outdoor lighting helps keep those long evenings by the pool going long after the sun has set. Fencing is a part of this picture too. Pool fencing is required by law, but you can add your own aesthetic touches to help it blend in to your backyard and complement it rather than stick out.

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Rhine Pools is dedicated to bringing you the ultimate outdoor living experience. More than just a pool builder, our expertise in outdoor living helps us design the custom outdoor living experience you’re looking for. If you have any questions about a new pool or about pool renovations in Montgomery County, contact RHINE Pools by calling 410-442-2445 or clicking here today! Check us out on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest as well!


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