An Overview of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Ask any pool owner and they will likely tell you that the biggest drawback to owning a pool is the routine cleaning it requires. From frequently skimming the surface of your pool to remove floating debris to scrubbing the walls and floor of your pool to remove algae, pool cleaning is definitely an annoyance. Luckily, an alternative exists; Automatic pool cleaners! These handy devices can make your life easier by saving you from the hassle of having to routinely clean your pool. Learn all you need to know about automatic pool cleaners in today’s blog.


Automatic pool cleaners offer many benefits.

An Overview of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are essentially like a vacuum cleaner for your pool. These devices suck up debris and grime and send it into your pool’s filtration device. Certain models are also capable of cleaning the walls of your pool as well as the floor. This type of automatic pool cleaner gets the job done quickly and is generally inexpensive, but they may require you to clean your pool’s filter more often than you’re used to.

Pressure cleaners

A pressure cleaner relies on water a pump to clean up your pool which connects to your pool’s main circulation pump or booster pump. Water pressure is used to move the cleaner around your pool and debris is collected in a bag. This means that pressure cleaners put less stress on your pool’s filtration system than a suction pool cleaner, but they are not as good at collecting fine particles and cannot clean the walls of your pool.

Robotic cleaners

Robotic cleaners rely on an electric power source to power their self-contained pump and filters. The system includes a computer chip that learns, over time, how to best and most efficiently clean your pool. Robotic cleaners offer the benefit of being effective against both large and small particles and can clean walls as well. The major drawbacks of robotic cleaners is that they cannot travel further than their cord will allow, the internal filtration units need to be cleaned periodically, and they are a larger initial investment than other types of automatic pool cleaners.


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