Plunge Pool Designs for a Small Yard in Maryland

Are you interested in installing a custom pool but don’t think your yard is large enough? Don’t let that stop you from investing in the pool of your dreams! There are many options for small plunge pool designs that can fit into any landscape and yard. A small yard should never keep you from fulfilling your dreams of your own pool. Read on for some plunge pool design ideas that are perfect for a yard of any size.


Custom plunge pools can be installed in just about any yard, no matter how small.

Plunge Pool Designs for a Small Yard in Maryland

Pools don’t have to be huge to have a big impact on your outdoor space. A plunge pool can be added to a small Maryland yard and with the right design elements can be just as stunning and visually pleasing as its full-sized counterparts. As a bonus: plunge pools require less water and are generally more energy-efficient than large ones so they can be a great option for anyone who wants all of the benefits of a pool with a little less long-term investment.. Working with a reputable landscape architect will allow you to be realistic about what you can fit in your yard and how to incorporate elements of your current landscape design.

Consider adding a plunge pool as part of your patio or deck. This creates a natural transition space between your house and your new pool, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your current landscape design.

Keeping your plunge pool design minimalist with clean lines and a shape that echoes your home will make your pool fit right in and seem like it has always been part of your landscape. Mirroring landscape designs from other part of your yard will also help your pool look stunningly natural.

You also may want to think about a non-traditional shape for your Maryland plunge pool. While the rectangle is the unarguable classic, utilizing a unique design that allows your pool to conform with your landscape and yard constraints can maximize your usable space, offering the most bang for your buck.

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