Pool Design Tips: How to Plan for Your New Pool in Maryland


So you’ve decided to get a new pool in Maryland. Great! Pools create a centerpiece for your outdoor living arrangement and are the focus point for lots of activities. Whether you’re having some family fun with the kids or having a cookout for friends and family, everything outdoors revolves around the pool.

Lots of homeowners fall in love with the idea of a pool, only to find they’re not sure how to get started with the planning process. It can be a little overwhelming to figure out what exactly you want from your pool. How big should the pool be? What features do you want to include? Chlorine or saltwater?

A lot of questions start to crop up when you’re thinking about your new pool in Maryland, so in this week’s blog we’re going to try to help you with some answers. We’ll talk about some tips that will help you plan for and get design ideas for your new pool. Keep on reading to learn more!


A few tips on how to start planning for your new pool in Maryland!

Pool Design Tips: How to Plan for Your New Pool in Maryland


Talk to current pool owners.

One of the best ways to start is by talking to someone who already owns a pool. They’ll be able to tell you all about the process they went through, from planning and design to installation and maintenance. Know any family members, friends, or neighbors who own a pool? Ask them how the process went. What do they like about their pool? Anything they don’t like about it? Would they change anything about their pool?

Browse pools online.

Another good place to start is by browsing photos of pools online. Look for designs that stick out and save them in a folder. The more pictures you save, the more apparent themes in design and features you want should become.

Make a list.

Once you’ve got an idea of the designs and features you like, make a wish list of everything you might want in your pool. Put everything down, and then start identifying items that are must haves vs. ones that might not be in your budget or might not work in your yard.

The hose knows.

Now it’s time to go outside and get a feel for a good size for your pool. Arrange a few hoses into different pool shapes and dimensions to get a feel for what your pool could look like. Dimensions look one way in paper or in your head, but actually seeing them represented in your yard with hoses will give you a better feel for the size of the pool.

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