Pool Design Trends from 2016

pool design trends

Underwater accent lighting is just one of the design trends that saw an uptick in 2016.

As we look back at 2016, we are excited to share with you all of the cool and unique pool design trends that gained popularity over the course of the year. Read on to get inspiration for the year ahead from the year that just passed!

Fire Features

If you want a dramatic pool area, set your pool on fire! Okay, maybe not literally, but add fire elements into your pool design. This is a great way to make your pool feel like it’s in the middle of the tropics instead of the middle of the suburbs. This works very well for tiki or rainforest-themed pools looking for a little extra authenticity.


Pool lighting is getting more modern thanks to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting. LED lights are available in a huge range of colors and can be changed using apps (yes, you read that right). Whether you want romantic late-night swim mood lighting or dramatic flashing lights for a pool party, LED lights can get you there.  

Small Pools

Small pools are getting very popular since they are incredibly budget-friendly and can fit into smaller yards. If you want to just take a small dip or primarily use your pool for soaking your feet while you enjoy a book in the summer, small pools (or spools) can be perfect for you!

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools have been popular for years, and there are many great reasons why. By placing the edge of the pool against the landscape, it seems like you could swim right off the edge (even though that isn’t the case!). These require a great deal of space, but if you have the landscaping and hill to spare, they are a dramatic and elegant use of the space.

Classic and Trendy Pool Designs from Rhine Pools

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