Is Your Pool Healthy?


Is your pool healthy? Follow this guide to determine what kind of maintenance you may need to perform.

The sun is shining and it’s time for you to finally take a tip in your cool, relaxing pool. That is, of course, if it’s in good condition and looking healthy. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong with our pools. If it doesn’t have crystal clear water that appears refreshing, then it may not be completely healthy. Oftentimes you can actually use the color of your pool’s water to diagnose whether or not your it’s is healthy. Here are some tips from us at Rhine Pools to help you determine whether or not your pool is healthy.

Green Pool Water

Fortunately, green pool water is pretty common and merely the result of algae growth. It’s not bad for you, but it can be unsightly and uncomfortable if it gets out of hand. Keeping green algae under control is pretty simple. To remove green algae, shock your pool and then add an algaecide to make your pool look inviting and fun once again!

Black Spots

Black algae will cause black spots to build up on the floor and walls of your pool. These small spots are incredibly difficult to remove and require a product specifically designed for black algae. Follow the instructions and use the product in the proper dilutions, which vary depending on the size you’re working with. Then, brush some algaecide directly onto the spots to break down the tough outer layer.

Testing pH

To put it simply, pH is a measure of how acidic or basic a water is on a scale from 0-14, with 7 being completely neutral. Below 7 and something is acidic, above 7 and it’s considered basic. The ideal pH for your pool is 7.4, but anything in the 7.2 to 7.6 range is fine. Anything else and you may deal with acidity weakening vinyl or eroding plaster, whereas if it’s above 7.6, the basic condition may result in the buildup of calcium deposits on your tiles.

Swimming Pools from Rhine Pools

If you have questions about owning pools, Rhine Pools is here to help. We are an all-inclusive company, so you won’t need to worry about working with ten different project managers and faces over the course of your project. Spring is a great time to step up your outside aesthetic, our services include patios, decks, shade structures, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, plantings, lighting, and even more! Whatever you want as part of your pool and landscaping, Rhine Pools can handle the job! For more information and details on proper pool maintenance, give us a call at (410) 442-2445 or visit us online. For more pool design tips, follow us on social media at Houzz, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.

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