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A pool is great but a pool house is even better! Pool house design is full of limitless possibilities: from creating a poolside bar to making space for a game-room or even building out a small suite with an extra bedroom, a pool house will make your home more interesting, attractive, and inviting. And if you ever decide to sell your house, you can bet prospective buyers will remember the one that comes with the amazing pool house! Here are some tips to keep in mind during your pool house design.


What do you want your pool house design to be like?

Pool House Design Tips


Pool House or Cabana?

While many people use the terms “pool house” and “cabana” interchangeably, they’re actually distinctly different structures. A cabana has only 3 walls and a roof (think of the classic beachside tiki bar) whereas a pool house will always have 4 walls. When you’re planning your pool house design, make sure to look into local zoning laws as sometimes these will limit the type of structure you are allowed to build on your property. Building a pool house will often require a permit whereas in certain places you may be able to get away without one if you’re building a cabana.

Make it blend in

Keep in mind that your pool is a keystone feature in your backyard so there will be no hiding your pool house. Make sure that it looks like it belongs by thinking long and hard about placement to be sure that it blends in with its surroundings. The pool house should look like a natural extension of your property rather than an afterthought. There will obviously be limits on where you are able to place your pool house but before starting on the build, imagine what it will look like when you peer out your window toward your pool.

Using thoughtful landscaping can go a long way in making your pool house design look natural. Adding some plants around the feature that echo your existing landscaping will make it look like your pool house has always been there. Don’t forget to think about the off-season: if you live in a climate that isn’t warm year round then interesting landscaping can ensure that your pool house looks great even when it’s been months since the cover has come off the pool.

Get Inspired

With pool house design, your imagination truly is the limit so take some time to gather inspiration before you commit to a design. Explore magazines, websites, and books to get ideas for what others have done with their pool houses to make them unique. You may stumble upon an idea you never would have thought of otherwise!

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