Pool Renovations in Maryland: A New Life for Your Pool


If your pool is looking old and tired, it might be time for pool renovations in Maryland. You can restore your pool not just to its former glory, but to a beauty that it’s never known before. Learn how Rhine Pools can help you breathe new life into your pool and outdoor living in our blog this week!

Pool Renovations in Maryland


When we’re renovating a pool, we go through a thorough vetting process to see what upgrades need to be made, and how we can best modernize your pool. We also take a look at your pool in the context of your outdoor living situation to see how these two components can be better integrated. Here’s how our process works.

The Survey

First, we’ll do a survey of the whole site. This includes your pool, pool equipment, deck, and the surrounding landscaping, hardscaping, lighting and drainage. We use this initial survey stage to determine what needs to be done to renovate your pool, and then what can be done to create a better outdoor living solution for you.

Pool Renovations in Maryland

The renovation itself includes new tile, coping, resurfacing, and possibly renovating the pool deck. Another important component of the renovation is updating your pool equipment technology. If it’s been awhile since your pool was installed, you may be interested to learn that technology has come a long way, and new equipment, plumbing, and electrical components can make operating and cleaning your pool a simpler and more efficient process. These new products are also more energy efficient, which will help you save money on operating costs in the long run.

Outdoor Living

One thing that sets us apart from other pool builders in Maryland is our focus on incorporating your pool into a complete outdoor living setup. From landscaping features that make your pool look like part of a natural environment, to hardscaping for gorgeous patios and walkways, to outdoor kitchens and pool houses for entertaining guests, we believe that your pool and your outdoor living setup work best together.

Design Examples 

Here are three examples of potential designs we drew up for the same house. Click on them for a close up view of the design. Click again to enlarge the image even more.



Maryland pool design

pool design









pool renovations Maryland



If you want to learn more about how to breathe new life into your pool, contact Rhine Pools today! We’ve been doing pool renovations in Maryland for more than a decade. Call us today at 410-442-2445 to get started on making your old pool new again!


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