What Pool Safety Items Should I Have?

Summer is finally (hopefully!) coming soon, and with that means swimming pool season. As a Maryland pool builder who designs pools that are the centerpiece of your outdoor living space, we believe that pools should serve both form and function. A key detail we take into consideration while designing pools is safety. We want you to be able to relax around your pool and enjoy the simplicity of lounging outside at your own leisure without any worries to distract you.Backyard swimming pool

The key to pool safety is making sure that your pool is accessible enough, but not so accessible that a child could access it without adult supervision. Three products that we believe every pool owner should have for pool safety:


In many states, including Maryland, it is mandatory that you have a fence around your pool. The biggest reason to invest in a fence is to prevent young children from getting into your pool without adult supervision. It is an excellent safety feature that can be installed around your pool or the surrounding property and can save lives.

Depending on the county or city you live in will determine what the requirements are of your fence. In most cases, the fence must be at least 48” tall and you may want to consider the spacing of the pickets. If the fence is too wide in between pickets, a child can easily scale the face and access the pool. To keep everyone safe, physically and legally, invest in a pool fence!

Pool Covers: A pool cover can easily hold the weight of two adults and one child, and is an excellent safety product to have around your pool. It is easy to maneuver and covers the water completely so that if someone were to fall in the water accidentally, they would be kept from being submerged completely. Compared to the alternative, a pool cover is a huge relief!

Removable Ladders and Steps: If you have an above-ground pool, you may want to consider getting removable ladders and steps. This way, you can remove them from the pool when not in use, making it more difficult for a child to access the pool without supervision.

At Rhine Pools, we are happy to talk about pool safety solutions when creating  custom-designed pools and pool enclosures for you. Give us a call to get the pool of your dreams in time for what is sure to be a very hot summer!

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