How to Protect Your Hardscaping this Winter


Hardscaping that looks this nice needs to be taken care of during the winter.

The snow, ice, and sleet of winter can really do a number on your hardscaping projects. Fortunately, there’s a few ways you can help to protect your hardscaping and minimize the damage done from the winter. Here’s a look at a few tips to follow this winter.

Clear Surfaces Before it Snows

Throughout the fall, it’s always important to clear and maintain your outdoor surfaces. Dirt and debris can get trapped underneath the snow, which means your pavers could start to be dulled and stained. And when it does snow, it’s important to clear the snow off your pavers as soon as possible. The snow itself won’t damage the pavers, but the runoff from the snow can seep into the pores of the stone. That could cause damage when refreezing and thawing occurs during the winter.

Gentle Shoveling

Using a traditional shovel is still one the best ways to remove snow. But, shovels are also a surprising source of damage to your hardscape projects. Pavers can be scratched and chipped when snow is being shoveled, so it’s good to invest in a shovel that has rubber or plastic ends.

De-Icer Issues  

The chemicals in ice melts and salts are known to cause damage to pavers. And because your pavers may be unique, it’s important to discuss what are the best options for de-icers with the type of pavers you have around your home with trained professionals.

Seal Cracks

If you already have cracks on the surface of your hardscape project, the winter can cause those cracks to get bigger. Freezing and thawing can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so all pre-existing cracks should be sealed as we head deeper into winter.

Divert Water Runoff

Water getting trapped as snow begins to melt is something homeowners have to prevent in order to protect their pavers. We’ve already reviewed how water being trapped damages pavers, but water been trapped can also freeze over on the surface and cause a tripping hazard. It takes a little planning to help minimize the damage to your hardscape projects, but you’ll be glad you did when warmer weather rolls around and you can enjoy your hardscape projects.

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